Prostate cancer gone

In August 2019 I received an initial diagnosis of a prostate tumour, later found to have metastasized.  Subsequent investigations ascertained a Gleason score of 3+4, and a course of treatment was put forward.  Simply put, this comprised hormone treatment and a course of chemotherapy.

The medical mind is that cancer cannot be cured, only managed.  Such unbelief runs through the medical establishment, and at first I had no grid to apply the faith of Jesus to the very reasonable suggestions that were proposed.

There is no doubt that the hormone treatment successfully reduced my PSA count from its presenting value of 39.9 to where it is today, at 0.06, practically negligible.

There are numerous possible side effects from chemotherapy.  In fact the consent form for the treatment refers to several pages of possibilities.  My course was intended to run for 6 sessions.  After the first, the dose was reduced on account of its adverse effect upon me.  After the fifth session, the medics and I decided I ought not to have any more chemo.

The consultant wanted me to have radiotherapy, almost as a matter of routine, but at this point my faith convicted me that this would not be necessary, or even beneficial.  I put my faith more firmly in God’s plan for my healing.  This is where I am today.

I have no symptoms of the disease, only side effects from the treatments themselves.  I do not claim a miracle of healing, but I am healed – in my spirit, soul and body.  

Throughout the whole process I have never felt any fear or anxiety for the future.  I have been greatly helped and supported by my wife, Ger, at every turn, and together we have seen the healing scriptures bear fruit in me and in our relationship.

In Exodus 15, God describes Himself as “God who heals”.  In Psalm 103, that healing is applied to the soul (He “forgives all my sins”), and to the body (“and heals all my diseases”).  By His Passion and Death, Jesus extended this to the human spirit being reconciled to God (Isaiah 53, applied to Jesus by Peter in his first letter).

I am healed.  Alleluia!

Frank, 27.01.2021