Healing testimonies

God heals today. Below are some of the healings we have seen in the church or have verified through church members:

Recurring knee pain and ankle healed November 2019

God guided me in prayer to forgive a wrong I held against someone. Then instantly heat entered my knee travelled up and down my leg and I felt the tendons and muscles under the knee cap moving. It was totally healed from months of pain. During the same experience I asked for healing in my ankle which is a 30 year old injury. I could sense the arch of the foot (which had been collapsed)  tighten and pull back to an arch. I now have no arthritis in it or pain.

Who do you say that I am? October 2019

An amazing testimony and encouraging word from Tess. Read the whole story here.

Knee healed, 13 September 2019

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Healed of back pain

Went to the evening healing service at Riverside last week and my back was prayed for and the Lord healed it. I was amazed. Even though the Lord had healed my knee and diabetes this year I still was in awe of the Lord's blessing. Steve, 23 June 2019.

Severe stomach pain healed

All the honour and glory to be God alone.
I am Arnold, the father of Joshua who is 5 years old.  Joshua was miraculously healed by Jesus Christ our Lord. My family was on holiday in the Philippines on 11 May 2019. Joshua suffered from stomach pain for 4 days. On 18 of May 2019 the stomach pain started and we took him immediately to the Hospital, where laboratory tests were taken. They found a very mild urinary infection. Joshua had treatment, including stomach pain relief. On 21 May 2019 the stomach pain was more severe on the right side of the abdomen. When the doctor pressed the right side of Joshua’s abdomen and it was very painful. He wouldn’t allow the doctor to touch his abdomen because it was so painful. They took a blood sample again and they waited 24 hours to observe, with the initial finding of appendicitis. At night (afternoon in UK time) I sent messages to the brothers and sisters in Riverside Church asking for  prayer for Joshua. That night Joshua had a very calm sleep, no more pain, stomach pain GONE. Joshua didn’t need a surgical operation. Thanks to our Amazing God, Jesus Christ.

Healed from pain in hips

"My name is Christine Harris, and my story began when I was given my first steroid injection in my right hip back on 3 February 2015. Over the next 3 years I had 13 injections and towards the end I was having them in my left hip as well. In November 2016 I was given the injections by using a guided scanner in the hope that that way would be more precise, but sadly that didn’t work either. So the pain in my hips came back shortly afterwards.

It was on the second time coming to Riverside Church on 29 July 2018 that the pastor, David, asked me if I would like him to pray for me as he could see I was using a walking stick. So I said yes please. He then placed his hands on me and as he was finishing his prayer I felt a tingling in my left hip. He then said, “Take a little walk over there,” which I did. I thought to myself that my hips were not feeling like they usually do, but then went off to have a cup of tea with the others. On leaving the church I realised that my hips were no longer hurting me.

And so the Lord has blessed me, as to this day my hips are still pain free." (August 2018)

Ovarian cancer disappeared

"About six months ago my husband's brother who lives in Australia phoned to tell us that his wife Margaret had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She had tumours on both ovaries. After an operation and much chemotherapy the oncologist informed her that she was not in remission and they could only keep the cancer under control with more chemotherapy. In Margaret's church a visiting speaker looked at her and told her that God was dealing with cancer. On Margaret's next appointment she had a scan and the oncologist told her that there was no sign of cancer." (Ann, August 2018.)