Staff and Leadership

In Riverside Church, we believe that every member of the church is called to serve so that the church can grow to be healthy and fruitful.  We value every member and we encourage everyone to contribute positively to the work of the church according to their God-given gifts and callings. Everyone gives of their time voluntarily but a few are paid part-time by the church in order to enable them to put more time into their areas of service.

The structure of the church is based around a number of home groups and a number of functional teams.

Senior Pastors

60DDF82F-54DB-4384-B6F4-9C126ADave and Karen Parker

Dave and Karen have always been a part of Riverside Church, Karen being a member of one of the original churches which joined together in February 1977 and Dave joining when he turned his life over to Christ in April 1979. Both have a shepherding heart, always with an eye to watch over God's people. They have a passion for revival, and raising up the next generation is very important to them.  Dave has ministered in many countries on five continents, serving and supporting pastors in many parts of the world. 

Office Staff

104994941015216317272098910221Nigel Glover

Nigel is the building manager and also looks after the church accounts and general administration. The building is used by various community groups and therefore he handles the room bookings and communicates with the users. Nigel finds these roles really fulfilling as they allow him to express his heart for organisation, order and accuracy.

Team leaders

Pam for web page 2018

Prayer and Prophetic Ministry - Pam Glover 
Pam promotes prayer and the use of the prophetic gift in the church. She has a strong prophetic anointing herself and longs to see more of the prophetic in action. She leads the weekly prayer meetings and constantly encourages the church to join in prayer.

Matt for web page 2018Worship - Matt Stone 


Chris Stone for web page 2018Pastoral care - Chris Stone
Chris is an experienced pastor of the church, and he has a passion to see people restored and walking in the fulfillment of their calling in God. 


Rachel StoneChildren and Youth — Rachel Stone and Ruth Perry
Rachel is passionate about teaching children and the youth to follow Jesus Christ. She also works as a teaching assistant in a primary school in Taunton. Rachel believes that living with Jesus as a best friend is an exciting and fun journey. She likes to transmit that fun and joy to children by playing games and doing loads of creative stuff. She also loves music and plays guitar. She  is married to Matt, and would also like people to know that she is... French!!

Pat for web page 2018Welcoming - Pat Delling-Williams
Welcoming is the face of the church. A pleasant smile and warm greetings help to project the ethos of Riverside.  My prayer is that all who enter will feel they have found a home where they will be loved, valued and embraced. 

8160367 copy low resTeaching — Dave Usher and Chris Hall
God's desire and plan is that 'His sheep hear His voice'. Dave's ambition and passion is to help people to do the very thing that God has called them to, namely hear His voice, by understanding His Word and putting into practice what they have heard.“You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” Chris’s desire as a teacher is that men and women should know what the truth of the Word of God states, rather than what they think it might state; thus people are set free from incorrect teaching.

Jane and Sandra for web page 2Co-ordination and Communication — Jane Hamilton and Sandra Packer
Jane heads up the Communications team and loves to promote good communication in all its forms. She also has a heart to see lives changed by the truth of the Word. Sandra is involved in many areas in the church, including supporting communications.

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Outreach — Phil and Pam Lloyd-Yeo, Karen Usher, Sandra Packer and Sandi and Jeremy Gainsford
Riverside church is involved in several initiatives reaching out into the community. Phil and Pam run the monthly free BBQ and the Messy Church team is led by Karen Usher. The Prayer and Prophetic team are present every month as part of Riverside's outreach. Rivertots (parents and toddlers group) is run by Sandra Packer and the church’s involvement in the Besom is headed by Jeremy and Sandi Gainsford. (These initiatives are described in more detail elsewhere on the website.)

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