Mission, Aims and Vision


Imagine a church with almost everyone enjoying and sharing God’s love.  This church has become a centre for God’s love and people are drawn to come and bathe in it.  And when they come, people are healed (physically, emotionally and spiritually), restored, changed, set free to be the people God has called them to be.  It’s a worshipping church where the meetings are marked by the presence of God.  People sense it when they come through the doors.  They get caught up in it.  It’s powerful and attractive, and yet there is also a structure here - it feels like it’s a safe environment. 

But the worship is not just in the meetings.  These people know their God.  His love has captured their hearts and a response of love and obedience is the pattern of their lives.  His love overflows from them wherever they are.  And that love of God knits them together as a Christian community, a family where everyone has a sense that they belong and are supported and encouraged.  Newcomers are welcomed in and integrated into the life of the church.   Relationships are built and friendships are made.  And disciples are made too.   For this is a church where the teaching, the training programmes, the individual mentoring and the widespread encouragement nurtures gifts and develops Christ-like character.  People learn to live and minister in the power of the Holy Spirit and are given opportunities to serve God through the many and varied ministries of the church. 

And those ministries have to reach out beyond the church.  This love of God has to overflow, to touch the unchurched world, through words and actions, in ways that are relevant to the young and to the old, to the rich and to the poor, to those in the local region and even to the needy in other nations.  There are a variety of outreach ministry opportunities so that everyone feels that they can participate somewhere and share the life of Christ within them.  God is glorified and his kingdom is advanced as his people enjoy and share his love. 

This is a picture of the Riverside Church that we are aiming, with God’s help, to build.  If you would like to join us, please speak to one of the eldership team.

To help us to fulfil our vision we have established 4 aims:


We want to know God and allow His overwhelming love to capture our hearts and cause a response of love and obedience. We want our meetings to be marked by the presence of God as we see His greatness and beauty and are caught up in adoration and wonder.



We want to be a Christian community knit together by the love of God, accepting one another and committed to one another.  We want our unity to be a powerful witness of God's love overflowing in our lives.



We want a church full of people who are committed to following Jesus and who, day-by-day, are growing to be more like Him, learning to live and serve in the power that God’s Holy Spirit gives us.  We want an environment and structures that facilitate this growth in maturity and also a growth in numbers.



We want to be good news by being involved in our local community in ways that demonstrate that God and His people are loving, caring and fun.  We also want to proclaim the good news about Jesus Christ in ways that are relevant, understandable, powerful and attractive. And we want to reach out beyond our local community to touch the needy in other nations. 

All four of these aims are rooted in the love of God our Father – it’s the constant theme that runs through them.  As we live in the conscious experience of God’s presence, we become overwhelmed by the greatness of his love which causes a response:
we express our adoration to God in worship – that’s our first aim;
we express his love to one another in this Christian family – that’s our second aim;
we seek to become more effective at sharing his love powerfully and wisely – that’s discipleship – that’s our third aim; and
we take his powerful love to the world around us – that’s our fourth aim. 
These aims can be seen as a journey of increasing commitment … summed up in our mission statement:

Our Mission is “to enjoy and share God’s love”