House of Prayer

House of Prayer 2


Jesus said ‘My House will be called A House Of Prayer’.  We feel God has called us to facilitate a safe environment where we can meet together and seek his face. We want to pray about the things on God’s heart and intercede for Taunton. We have a heart to see His Kingdom come in our lives and nation through the power of prayer and worship.

Upcoming Meetings: 

To Be Announced... 

Basic Structure:

1st 45 Minutes – Worship with the Word

This is live worship and God time. 45 minutes set aside where you can come and hang out in the presence of God, journal, read your bible, worship, be creative and expressive with flags, paint etc. You can come and just rest in His presence. We will encourage anyone to share a scripture or a word if they choose, but if you want to simply have your own personal God time that’s fine.

2nd 45 Minutes – Intercession

Either live worship or CD. This is aimed at corporate prayer, there will be a theme, e.g Israel, where we join together in praying for what we feel God has led us to pray for. There will be different kinds of prayers and creative ways of praying together for the things on God’s heart. We will also have a time set aside for personal ministry where we can pray for each other, family etc. Each session will have a leader. We feel this is what God is calling us to do and that in his time he will cause this to grow and we will see the fruit from being a praying people – a praying church. Our vision is that this is not just a Riverside church vision but one for all the churches in Taunton, where we can take this town for God through the power of prayer and worship.


2017 Prayer Theme:
To Be Confirmed.  To Be Confirmed.